Our Office

Our Practice - Office Space

In 2001, we joined Dr. Fahey in a new space, and enjoy providing a wide array of treatments and integrated care for our clients. We have four treatment rooms and a shared waiting-area. You will find peace and tranquility within our healing space. Relaxing music, beautiful photography by Usry Alleyne, and a shoes-off, scent-free environment will provide you with the most comfortable setting to begin the unwinding process.

To maintain a scent-free environment for those suffering from chemical sensitivities, asthma, and allergies; we use non-toxic unscented cleaners, and burn no candles or incense. The practitioners do not wear perfumes or heavily scented products, and we ask the same of our clients/patients. When Kelly uses essential oils with clients, she provides proper ventilation and uses them only in the treatment room. She does not infuse the oils in any way and uses them conservatively with each individual client's needs in mind. The oils used are of those of Young Living, offering only oils of the highest quality.

We have a lending library with unique books on women's health, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu, diet therapy, and other healing traditions. Books by authors such as Bob Flaws, Louise Haye, and Carolyn Myss, along with many others, are included in our collection. Clients may check out these books for a month at a time.