Kelly’s Practice

I’ve studied Alexander Technique since 2002, and practiced Yoga since 1997. I enjoy being a mom, natures hikes and bird watching, swimming and biking. I also love to travel, visit art museums, and listen to live music and African drumming. My treatment philosophy is to approach each client as a unique individual with her own needs and goals. I offer an extremely gentle, nurturing and therapeutic touch using a wide variety of techniques developed since 1997. My goal is to help each client achieve a deep sense of relaxation, integrating both mind and body to create a true sense of wellbeing.

I am interested in the role emotions play in physical health and how trauma/injury to the physical body affects emotional health. I have worked with several clients with disease patterns, such as fibromyalgia, that began after sustaining a trauma such as a car accident or divorce. Shiatsu has helped my clients by reducing discomfort and pain, improving sleep quality and easing symptoms of anxiety and depression.

I have also enjoyed working with pregnant women up through their final weeks, helping to ease back pain and calm nerves as they prepare for labor. Shiatsu is great for post-labor healing and neck and shoulder tension for those who breastfeed! I, myself, have experienced childbirth and prior to, received bodywork weekly. I truly believe it helped me have a very manageable and wonderful childbirth experience!

Before a client leaves my treatment room, I like to send them home with a few tools of their own such as stretches that open up the meridians (pathways in the body where Chi flows), self-massage and breathing techniques, or an Alexander technique called ‘directing’, which is fantastic for helping the body let go of patterns creating discomfort. I also like to tell clients about the use of essential oils for either physical or emotional complaints.

I want to provide means for the client to maintain and improve upon our work outside of the treatment room! But most of all, I want the client to experience connecting with themselves in a completely safe, open and caring environment where true healing can begin and happiness can flow.