Holistic Personal Training (with Jill)

I offer holistic personal training tailored to your needs and conditions. Customized Personal Training is a low equipment workout that can be done at home or while traveling. I train using exercise balls, tubing, bands, and body weight that can be adapted to the home, and can include stretching and yoga poses, balance and coordination challenges, and energy building mind/body activities. The training is designed to improve posture and balance in the body as well as promote a sense of wellbeing and increased energy. 

I offer Post-Rehab exercise training to get over recent injuries or chronic complaints. This training is tailored to address your problems and fills the gap between physical therapy and getting back to a normal workout regime. 

I offer Senior Fitness training to promote and build strength, muscle mass, bone density, balance and coordination. According to the NIHS, on average we lose 7 pounds of muscle mass per decade starting in our thirties and replace it with 15 pounds of fat. By age eighty we can have lost up to half of our physical capacity. The good news is we can respond to strength training at any age. I teach safe, simple workouts tailored to the needs of the older exerciser. 

I can get you started on a simple workout to do on your own or workout with you every time until you get a routine. Discounts available for multiple sessions. I also combine exercise training with Asian Bodywork Therapy to promote the best possible recovery.

Client Response

Shiatsu massage with Jill Alleyne has been part of my weekly routine for the past 15 years, ever since I suffered a fluke stroke at age 43.  The stroke left me with numbness and nerve pain on my left side. I fully believe that my regular shiatsu routine is the reason I have gotten almost all normal feeling back. 

I get a massage from Jill every Monday after work and it keeps my back from aching and my stress from getting out of control. I also have noticed that I hardly ever get sick.  I have sent friends to see Jill for back pain and migraine headaches.  She is always helpful!  I am a big believer in shiatsu massage and plan on continuing my once a week routine.