FAQ, Shiatsu vs. Traditional Massage

How is Shiatsu different from traditional massage? Shiatsu differs from massage in many ways. First, we work the whole body while you are fully clothed and use no oils. We may use some powder on bare hands, feet or neck. Second, Shiatsu works along the TCM ‘meridians’ or energetic pathways of the body. These energy pathways cover the whole body and run through muscles, across joints, and internally. We access the energy by pressing specific points for your condition or by opening the energy pathways with kneading, rocking, pressing, range of motion exercises and stretching. Third, while Shiatsu feels great on tight muscles like a massage, massaging the muscles is not the main goal. The goal is to relieve pain and tightness by moving and balancing stagnant energy. Finally, most people report feeling relaxed and more energetic after a session.